Scrapbook Fun

Time to get creative?


One birthday present I left off the list, was this dreamy scrapbook gifted to me by Jess and Alex. 

Every time we meet to discuss things about our trip or we are out shopping I am always wittering on about how much I want to scrapbook the journey and remember all the little things we get up to along the way. In all honesty I think they just got fed up of me not being able to commit to a design, so like the true gems they are they proved that they know me better than I know myself and they picked the perfect book. 

The book is from Paperchase and is 25cm by 26cm. Fab size really because it makes it not too big and not too small. The pages are plain white and you can tell the paper will be able to hold pictures and other bits like tickets without it ripping which is something I was looking for when I had been shopping for these previously. 

There are 5 dividers (bottom right picture) in the book which have a pocket to hold things that might be too bulky for the pages or just too heavy. I think this will also be a really great way of separating different parts of the trip. The last page of the book has some cute stickers that you can use to either label pages or map out what you want to add in later. The stickers say: projects, notes, photos, inspiration, clippings and memories.

When we did big trips when we were younger like Disney World, mum kept everything and tried her damn hardest to get me and brother to piece some pictures together and create a scrapbook of the trip, but teenage Hannah was having none of it. In the end mum did it herself and I do like to look back now and remember things that happened and places we went that I would have forgotten otherwise. So soz mum, if you’re reading this, you were right, and present day Hannah thanks you for keeping the memories for us. 

I’m not making any promises to myself  (so don’t get too excited mum) that i’m going to stick to this and suddenly become all artsy and a Pinterest worthy “scrapbooker” because if I have learnt anything in my 23 years, its that crafts isn’t my thing. More importantly, the book is a place that I can keep pictures and little momentum’s of the trip to look back on and show people in years to come.

So take this as a cry for help, any pro crafters out there if you have any advice or ideas, hit me up, i’ll take any help I can get!

Speak soon,

Hannah x



Birthday Bliss


Last week was my Birthday and in true Birthday Princess style I celebrated all week long!

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love my birthday and my beautiful friends and family pulled out all the stops to make sure turning 23 was as special as ever.

IMG_1128 There was a reoccurring theme with my presents.. Gin.

I have a strong love affair with Gin and it is my drink of choice regardless of the place or occasion. My friend Jared came up to visit and greeted me at the station with a “homemade” princess crown (it was a burger king crown with “Gin Prin” written on it) and he had brought with him the small Hendricks Gin and I love the bottle and i’m gonna keep it forever! But.. have you seen the delight of a rose tinted  bottle Sam and Jess got me! It’s Rhubarb and Ginger Flavour and I can just picture myself now sitting outside on a summer evening, sipping on an ice cold glass of this deliciousness! Sam and Jess are my Ambrose Angels (girl group pending), who I lived with at uni and even though we have graduated now and don’t live with each other anymore we still make the effort to get presents for birthdays which I think is just so lovely to find friends that are there for you like that! They also got me some beautiful pj’s and the pretty Flamingo personalised phone case!

The passport holder is from my my friend Jenn who never fails to pick the perfect presents she is so thoughtful and I love the print of it and it got me SO excited to think that I am only 5 months away from my big trip!

IMG_1130 As you can see the Gin theme also makes an appearance in my cards!

These are just some of my favourites but can we please take special note of the “you looked taller on Tinder” card from Alex and Jess (my Aus gals) I lol’ed at this for a while after opening and still makes me laugh when I look at it.

My Volleyball team also got me a cake and a Disney Princess Balloon which is just the sweetest thing for them to do and it was such a surprise when  I turned up to training and it was there!  


Okay, so, context…

Jess and I have always been a fan of the page “Drake on Cake” which is a page on Instagram that makes gorgeous cakes and puts Drake lyrics on them so of course, Jess being the superstar she is ordered me a goddamn cheesecake with a Drake lyric on it! The lyric is from my favourite song “Childs Play” and the full lyric is:

“Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake? You know I love to go there”

Guys, this came all the way from Scotland! From the “Handmade Cheesecake Company” it was delivered in a massive polystyrene box filled with ice packs to keep it cool and honestly it tasted insanely good. It was Forrero Rocher flavoured and every time I took a bite it was like I was Rachel and Chandler in the episode of friends when they are eating the cheesecake that they found outside of a neighbours apartment. Anyone with me on that? Or is it just me..

The whole week in the back of my mind, I was thinking and getting so excited to think that my next Birthday will be in Australia! Also excitingly, as i’m writing this, I don’t even know where I will be this time next year!!

Anyway, enough of me rambling about how brilliant my birthday week was (i’ll spare you the details of the drunken antics), I just wanted to document and let it be known that I have the best friends and the best family who are so kind and my heart is very full of love right now. 

It’s Easter Sunday this weekend so I hope you have a lovely long weekend and lets hope for some good weather! 

Speak soon,

Hannah x

P.S I emotionally sang Taylor Swifts’, 22 for the last time the night before my birthday. Unfortunately the theme tune to being 23 is, “nobody likes you when your 23”, thanks Blink 182.