When The Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan

Moral of the story: trust your gut...

1st & 2nd October 2017

Travelling down the east coast was something I’ll never forget. From the people we met to the memories we made it was the best start to my working holiday. 


And that is a very big but, it doesn’t always go to plan. 

We knew we couldn’t be ladies of leisure for the whole year and we definitely are not afraid of a bit of hard graft! It was just getting someone to employ us to do the hard graft that was the problem! 

Jess had heard of this website called work away, a site where you can organise homestays or cultural exchange. The idea is you can stay with a family and in exchange you work a few hours a day for them doing things such as; assisting with family life or working on their land. We had found a hostel in Hervey Bay which agreed to take all 3 of us in exchange for a few hours  work a day in the hostel. The plan was we were going to stay in the hostel for the month of October while we looked for jobs in Brisbane, chilled after a month on the move and potentially got a job in Hervey Bay to tide us over for food costs. Sounds great right?

Well, we arrived in Hervey Bay and from the get go, we knew it wasn’t for us. This is in absolutely no way the hostels fault! In fact, they were so lovely about the whole thing. Don’t worry though this isn’t one of them travelling horror stories! It’s just that Hervey Bay is very much a holiday/ weekend away spot and don’t get me wrong I love a small village or town but this was just too small.  There were limited shops/cafes – non of which were hiring – and the hostel was very quiet. It was a hostel people tended to stay in before their Fraser Island trip which we had just finished. 

We made the decision almost immediately after getting in our room that we weren’t going to stay there and a walk around the town just confirmed our initial thoughts. I think it’s important that you listen to your gut and my gut was telling me to get out. 

Cut to the next day and after a lot of group discussion and a chat with a random lad from Preston (shout out to you, your the real MVP), we planned how we were going to tell the hostel that we weren’t going to stay. We may have exaggerated the truth in that we said we had jobs lined up in Brisbane but we were just hopeful that Brisbane had the answers.

So there you have it, after two nights we were back on the good old Greyhound CV’s in hand heading to Brisbane to get a job… stay tuned to see how that worked out!

Speak Soon,

Hannah x


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