Cairns Part 2

Work work work work work work…

28th October 2017 – 7th February 2018

We arrived in Cairns ready to start work but it was’t until the 14th November when we actually started. This is because of issues outside of our control and we were messed around A LOT by Nomads.

When work finally began our job roles were housekeeping and bus driving. We were also lucky enough to get jobs at the local tavern, The Cock N Bull. Both jobs were very active and meant we were on our feet all day, a drastic contrast to the rest of our travels so far. We didn’t mind this one bit, we were just excited to be earning some money! 

I don’t want to dwell on what happened in cairns though, as I don’t look at it with fond memories. When you’re working 2 jobs up to 50 hours a week it can start to bring you down. Instead I just want to note some of the fun things we did when our friend from home, Jared came for 3 weeks over Christmas and what we did on our days off.

Christmas in Cairns, fun BBQ on the esplanade thanks to chef Jared. 

Some pictures of what we got up to with Jared.


The beauty that is Fitzroy Island.

7th February was when we had finally had enough and decided it was time to go back down the east coast for some more adventures. We decided to take the Greyhound again and stop off at Airlie and Noosa.

1am bus journey to Airlie was first… 10 hours on a bus is nothing right? 

Speak soon,

Hannah x




Being unemployed in Brisbane meant that I had a lot of time outside of applying for jobs for working on my fitness. After pretty much a month off and bad eating I could feel my body changing. 

Instagram is probably my most used social media app on my phone so I thought why try to start to take some pictures of workouts to help motivate myself and maybe a few others along the way. 

Turns out it was something that I really enjoyed and MalloFit was born. I post as often as I can whether it be pictures/videos of what I’ve just done or my view whilst doing it.


You can find the link to the page here: why not give it a follow? 

Speak soon,

Hannah x


How to outstay your welcome…

3rd – 27th October 2017

Where do I start with Brisbane? What a place. The place we thought held all the answers to our job needs. As it turned out we just ended up spending 3 weeks wasting time, energy and most importantly, money. 

“It’s a city, they’ll be loads of jobs” we thought. Everyone had told us we’d find it easy getting a job because we had retail experience but no matter how many resumes we handed out or shop managers we asked to hire us, they just weren’t looking for back packers. 

We all printed out 50 copies of our resumes and handed out all 50 of them all over the city and got nothing back. That’s 150 resumes. 0 replies. 

Websites such as Seek, Indeed and Gumtree are the sites that advertise the most jobs so we would spend our days sat in the bar applying for job after job I couldn’t even tell you how many, only to hear nothing back.

After a while desperation set in and we decided to apply for a job as ‘fundraisers’ for a charity. Yes you’ve guessed it, we applied to be one of those people who stop you when you’re out doing your shopping and don’t want to be stopped. Off to the group interview we went and surprisingly we were all successful. We were told they were only hiring 10 and interviewing 50 so we were pretty chuffed with them odds. It was the boost we needed. 

Next it was up to us to learn the speech we would have to repeat at the training day to prove we were ready for ‘the field’. Cringe as it was, we made it through the day and were told where we would have to go the next day. Thankfully me and Jess were put at the same station and it was only a mile away but Alex’s was a train ride away. With it being our first day we only had to do half a day, me and Jess were in the morning but Alex was in the afternoon. 

Up early and not looking forward to it, Jess and myself set off ready to give it our best shot. We were designated an area and we had to stop as many people as we could and try to get them to sign up. I won’t sugar coat it, I didn’t even get through the first line of my speech. It was horrible, the most soul destroying job I have ever done. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a really sociable person and I don’t have issues talking to new people so constantly being rejected and being ignored was really tough. After about 2 hours of trying to get people to stop we got a 15 minute break in which me and Jess rang Alex and told her how it was going. Alex was an absolute star and talked us down and told us not to do it if we didn’t want to and that we could quit. She also told us that she had decided not to go that afternoon and we didn’t blame her one bit.

When the morning was finally over Jess had made the decision that she was going to call it quits. Why I didn’t do the same, I’ll never know but I thought I’d give it one more shot. I lasted one full day and that was it I couldn’t do it any longer. 

With us all once again jobless and out of ideas we decided to contact the people we met in Cairns to see if they could help us out. After calling on a few favours we had word that if we got ourselves to Cairns we had jobs as housekeepers in Nomads where we started our trip. This was the good news we had been waiting for even though it felt like a little step backwards. We were really lucky that Juicy had a relocation offer on a big condo van so it meant we only had to pay $1 a day to get it up to Cairns. Of course there were plenty of hidden charges but it was still cheaper than flying or getting the greyhound. 

This meant our time in Brisbane was over. I have only really moaned about the lack of jobs here but overall we did really like Brisbane as a city it just wasn’t meant to be. We were regulars at musical bingo on a Tuesday night and trivia Wednesdays were always a win (even if we did cheat)! I’ll insert some pictures below of what we got up to:




Anyway, back up to Cairns we go…

Speak soon,

Hannah x

When The Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan

Moral of the story: trust your gut...

1st & 2nd October 2017

Travelling down the east coast was something I’ll never forget. From the people we met to the memories we made it was the best start to my working holiday. 


And that is a very big but, it doesn’t always go to plan. 

We knew we couldn’t be ladies of leisure for the whole year and we definitely are not afraid of a bit of hard graft! It was just getting someone to employ us to do the hard graft that was the problem! 

Jess had heard of this website called work away, a site where you can organise homestays or cultural exchange. The idea is you can stay with a family and in exchange you work a few hours a day for them doing things such as; assisting with family life or working on their land. We had found a hostel in Hervey Bay which agreed to take all 3 of us in exchange for a few hours  work a day in the hostel. The plan was we were going to stay in the hostel for the month of October while we looked for jobs in Brisbane, chilled after a month on the move and potentially got a job in Hervey Bay to tide us over for food costs. Sounds great right?

Well, we arrived in Hervey Bay and from the get go, we knew it wasn’t for us. This is in absolutely no way the hostels fault! In fact, they were so lovely about the whole thing. Don’t worry though this isn’t one of them travelling horror stories! It’s just that Hervey Bay is very much a holiday/ weekend away spot and don’t get me wrong I love a small village or town but this was just too small.  There were limited shops/cafes – non of which were hiring – and the hostel was very quiet. It was a hostel people tended to stay in before their Fraser Island trip which we had just finished. 

We made the decision almost immediately after getting in our room that we weren’t going to stay there and a walk around the town just confirmed our initial thoughts. I think it’s important that you listen to your gut and my gut was telling me to get out. 

Cut to the next day and after a lot of group discussion and a chat with a random lad from Preston (shout out to you, your the real MVP), we planned how we were going to tell the hostel that we weren’t going to stay. We may have exaggerated the truth in that we said we had jobs lined up in Brisbane but we were just hopeful that Brisbane had the answers.

So there you have it, after two nights we were back on the good old Greyhound CV’s in hand heading to Brisbane to get a job… stay tuned to see how that worked out!

Speak Soon,

Hannah x