Fraser Island

4×4 driving on sand…

28th, 29th& 30th September 2017

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island spreading 120km, with panoramic view points where you can take in the beauty of the island and witness stunning sites like Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and the Maheno shipwreck. 


We were on the Nomads tour which was a guided 4×4 driving experience with a lead car driven by our tour guide Tim and 3 other cars that were driven by people on the tour. You were put into groups for your car and it was up to you to decide who was driving when. I was part of car 4, the absolute dream team. 


The dream team was made up of: Alex, Jess and myself, Costas, Kike, Luca, Lorenzo and Lisa, covering all nationalities from British, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. 

We were on the island for 2 nights and 3 days, staying in the hostel resort on the island. It had an entrance to the beach where we would spend the evening (with Dingo sticks, just in case). We saw so many different things and the trip was so jam packed, a little too jam packed for me as I would have of liked to spend more at some of the sites like Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby, but such is the nature of the tour. 

My favourite spot was Lake McKenzie, a perched lake, meaning it is filled by rainwater only. The blue and green colours of the lake are breathtaking and to swim in it is something else. It was so refreshing and clear, something I will remember for a long, long time. The sand is white silica and is so soft to walk on, like nothing I’ve experienced before. 

Whilst driving along the sand (an experience in itself) we spotted wild Dingo’s roaming and a group of dolphins swimming. When at the look out points we even saw a whale!


Lake Wabby was another stand out moment for me not only for the reward of the beautiful water but because of the 2km forest walk to get to it! It was during this walk where I encountered my first slice of death with an Australian animal. Okay, I might be being a little dramatic with the whole death thing but I did look one of the most deadliest snakes in the eye and froze and screamed and had to shout the girls to coach me through walking around it without aggravating it or dying lol @ me and my life. 

Similarly to the Whitsundays, a lot of the time I didn’t take my phone to the sites because I didn’t want to damage it or loose it so the pictures I have a limited but as always the memories made will last forever and car 4 will always hold a special place in my heart.

That concludes the east coast part of my trip and what a trip it was! I absolutely loved every part of it, I tapped into a part of me I’ve never seen in myself before, I always knew I was a confident person, so the meeting new people part of traveling never scared me, but I never new I could fully immerse myself into letting go and trying new things such as, snorkelling, sliding down waterfalls, driving a 4×4 on sand, driving a scooter and being out in the wild, 10 points to me and my pals for throwing ourselves into our travels.

I’ll be back soon to fill in the details of what’s been going on from October to now.

Speak soon,

Hannah x 


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