Magnetic Island

Barbie car dreams

16, 17 & 18th September 2017

Magnetic Island or ‘Maggie‘ as it is to the locals was the first stop on our east coast trip. After getting our very first greyhound to Townsville we jumped on the ferry for a 20 minute journey to the island. Once off the ferry, we had an eventful bus journey to the hostel (note to self: don’t get on a public bus with your big ass cases in rush hour). 


BASE hostel is where we were staying and the view was something like off a postcard. It was a big site and had lots going on, a lot busier than our hostel in Cairns.


We stayed in a beach hut which thankfully was bigger inside than it looked!


We arrived in the evening and after filling our bellies we sat looking out onto the sea with a fruity cocktail. Bliss after a day travelling.


DAY 1:

We were up early and eager to start the day because we had managed to secure a Barbie car for the day, which we could drive around the island exploring, living all our childhood Barbie dreams! We hired the car from a company called ‘Tropical Topless’ and it was reasonably priced at $90 for the day. 


The island has lots of stunning spots, a favourite of ours was Picnic Bay, where we sat for a while and soaked up the sun and even had a dip in the sea, the first time we have been allowed in the sea since being in Oz! The island isn’t very big which is what makes it so good as you can just hop form bay to bay finding your own quiet spots and feeling like you’re on a private beach. 


The roads on the island are winding and are quite hilly but when you can get views like this it is so worth it. Luckily for us in Australia you drive on the left so we adjusted to the roads easily. 


We caught the beautiful sunset looking out onto the sea and it’s these moments that make you pinch yourself, reminding you that hard work pays off and makes all the saving worth it. 

IMG_2806 (1)

DAY 2:

Four words… Bungalow Bay Koala Village.

Do you even go to Australia if you don’t take pictures with a Koala? 

What a whirlwind of an afternoon! This was by far the most fun I’ve had so far. Starting off with turtles, the ranger guided tour talks you through the animals whilst letting you hold and interact with them.  From turtles to crocs and all the different types of lizards in between the tour lets you release your inner inquisitive child and ask all the questions you want, silly or not. My favourite part of the animals was their names, they all had really normal human names like Kevin and Beth the lizards and Kelly the turtle. 

The main attraction was obviously the Koalas. Hagrid and Pebbles, were hands down the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen. They are SO soft and chilled, they spend 18-20 hours a day sleeping (GOALS) and always look like they have a smile on their face. Hagrid was in the tree and you could go in and stroke him whilst he slept and Pebbles was the star of the show who we got to hold.  They were both so chilled but it was important to us that we knew they were being looked after. The Koalas are only allowed to ‘work’ or be held for 30 minutes a day a few days a week so they can get all their sleep and aren’t distressed. 


The evening of day 2 was filled with more fruity cocktails and some brilliant BINGO ran by the hostel. We were sat right near the front so had a great spot and even won a few free drinks and had a bit of sing song! All in all, a great night on a great island.

Magnet island is 100% a must see and with all the beach areas is one of the least expensive stops on the trip! We had the best couple of days and would recommend it to anyone on their east coast trip!

Next stop, Airlie beach for our Whitsundays adventure….

Speak soon,

Hannah x