We Went To The Zoo!

The final birthday gift

Alex, Jess and myself went to Chester Zoo over the weekend and it was fab. We had such nice weather which I think was the reason the animals were all out to play. 

My favourites were the Giraffes and they were in their outside area which was really good as they were so close!

Recently a new Giraffe was born and he was out to play! He was adorable and although he looks tiny compared to the adults he is still very tall!  


Other highlights included the Lions, Penguins and all the different types of monkeys who were so playful! We also got to see the Cheetahs at feeding time which was a good interaction to watch as it really showed they’re personalities.


We walked through the Butterfly house which is a “free flying zone” and one of the butterflies saw Jess’s coat and though it was a good place to rest so landed on her shoulder! She was so calm, I freaked out a little i’m not going to lie but still managed to get a good picture!


They have a mirror as you are leaving the house that is there for you to check if any have landed on you so you don’t leave with them and they escape! 

Another free flying zone is the Bat house. Past experiences in this have been a little scary i’m not going to lie! They come so close to you it is a little “jumpy” and its pitch black so you can’t really see anything! We were stopped outside in a small que as they have to limit the amount of people going in and out now due to the bats learning that if they hover near the exit, they can escape! How funny?! So as you are leaving the keeper is stood by the exit and opens the first door for you and shuts it straight behind you. As I left two followed me so they ended up trapped in the exit! This meant Alex was trapped with the bats for a bit longer as the keeper had to spend a few minutes catching them and getting them back in! 


Overall we had a lovely day and it was nice to go and visit the animals before we jet off on our travels and i’m sure we will visit the Australia Zoo and see some more!

Speak soon,

Hannah x










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