Sunny Saturday

Making the most of the British sunshine

IMG_1532Taking full advantage of the nice weather (29°C!!!) last weekend Jess and myself had a little afternoon gin party in the garden and caught some rays.

IMG_1529Remember this? A birthday present that I finally got round to drinking!

I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I saw rhubarb and ginger but I was worried for nothing because it is the gin of dreams! It has a slight rose coloured tint to it, and the rhubarb is the most prominent taste but the hint of ginger is a really subtle undertone. 

WOW, am I actually talking about alcohol for it’s taste rather than its ability to get me drunk? Hello adulthood! But in all seriousness it was lovely. We mixed it at first with a good amount of ice, tonic water and a slice of lemon which was so yummy, then after a few, I think it was Jess who suggested we try it with lemonade and what a brilliant idea that was! It just gave it that little extra bit of citrus that really made the drink.

We drank quite a lot of it to be honest but it’s because it was so easy to drink, it didn’t taste like alcohol at all, the perfect thing you want from a summer drink! I love those afternoons that turn into evenings when you can jut sit in the garden, have a drink and chat away as the sun starts to go down. 

IMG_1684 (1)On the Sunday the sun was still beaming so again I spent the afternoon outside and sat listening to music and reading a new book in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

It’s these moments that I take for granted and can’t wait to experience more of them on my travels, in different locations, trying different drinks and experiencing new things.

On the subject of books I’m going to need some suggestions so if you have any you can’t put down let me know! 

Speak soon,

Hannah x



















11 Weeks & Counting…

How will you know it’s the right decision if you never make it?

This week has been a week. I went from telling work about my travel plans, giving them a heads up that in a few weeks I would be handing in my notice to actually handing in my notice yesterday and all of a sudden it got real, real quick.

Definitely not in a bad way, it felt so good to finally share this secret that I’ve been bursting to tell everyone but it also made me feel slightly anxious because I just confirmed the date I leave my job, loosing that security of having a monthly income. I started this job as an innocent graduate, fresh out of university ready to enter the ‘real world’ and what started as a 6 week summer job turned into a permanent position that has 100% had its ups and downs. 

The reaction form my colleagues has been really heartwarming, they have all been so positive about what I’ve decided to do. Although they are gutted to loose me (obviously), they understand why I am going and the majority have said they wish they could do the same or wish they would have done it when they had the chance! I will will be sad to say goodbye as I have made some friends for life but I cannot wait to go for my leaving drinks and have a good old gossip before I leave.

Although scary, I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to get through this stress without my amazing friends and family so shout out to them for keeping me sane! 

Speak soon,

Hannah x


Beautiful Planet, Ugly World.

This is Manchester, we do things differently here.


A few hours after my last post there was a horrific attack on my home town, Manchester.

It hasn’t felt right to post anything since.

Last night there was another attack in the capital on London bridge and I just feel compelled to write my bit. Not because I feel like I have the answers, or because I feel like my opinions on the attacks are important, but because I started writing so I had something to look back on and remember what happened in the lead up to my trip for years to come.

I don’t want to forget what happened on 22nd May and I will forever remember the innocent victims, who lost their lives and were injured in the horrific attack. 22 fatalities, 60 injured, 5.2 miles away from my home. 

FullSizeRender (8)

Alex works in St Anne’s Square where all the flowers and gifts for the victims have been lay. She has been sending us updates of her view and it really is so powerful to see the City come together and show our solidarity during these difficult times. 

In the United Kingdom there have been 3 attacks in 3 months. Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge. Innocent people going about their lives. Walking around the city during the day, young children and families at a concert and being out on a Saturday night.

Although these incidents are equally as horrific, it is important to focus on the hero’s in this situation, the emergency services. These people put their lives in danger to save ours and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Keep the victims in your thoughts but it is important to live your life to the fullest and remember to always be kind. 

Speak soon,

Hannah x