March 2017

As I am writing this it is a Friday (YAY!) and I am very excited about this coming weekend.

This evening I am going out for food and drinks with the lovely Jessica, who is one of the two gals am going to Aus with.

Tomorrow, I am watching the 2nd team girls play and will be going out with them after the game, most likely for beer and wings because, beer and wings.

My suitcase should be delivered which I will do a separate post on, but I am just so excited about its arrival!. In brief, I have bought it off Surfdome and I am hoping it looks as fab in real life as It does online!

I have my final home game playing for Manchester Marvels 1st Team this Sunday which is also mothers day. Mum and Dad will be coming to watch which is fab as we can’t make it out for a meal! Honestly though, I asked mum what she wanted for mothers day and she said “I want to come watch you play!” Mums are great aren’t they?!

Hope you have a fab day/evening whatever you end up doing.

Speak soon,

Hannah x